The lengths research companies go to protect their IP

Month: September 2021

The lengths research companies go to protect their IP

The lengths research companies go to protect their IP

Developing a novel pharmaceutical treatment costs one billion dollars on average. Companies that engage in pharmaceutical research and development understand that many of their innovations won’t be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. When they do get approval, pharmaceutical companies can earn billions of dollars a year in revenue depending on the market they […]

Why can’t I buy comparators from a wholesaler?

Pharmaceutical distribution can be just as complicated as the research and development process. In most cases, a pharmacy or hospital can contract with one of the big three wholesalers in the United States to get the medications they need. In 2019, McKesson, Cardinal, and Amerisource Bergan accounted for 94% of all the medications sold in […]

Skip the consultants and learn compliance from our team

Drug supply and discovery is a complicated business. The FDA process has claimed more than a few idealistic companies that try and change the world. Although there are so many steps along the way and hurdles to overcome, our preclinical study supply and comparator sourcing experts at GSI can help with drug supply chain solutions […]

Sourcing for comparator toxicology studies in Canada

Toxicology studies are the most pivotal moment for a healthcare company trying to change the world. The results will either springboard an organization to an IND filing or send them back to the drawing board. Lucky for our research and development community, dozens of CROs have the capabilities to run toxicology studies. These companies are […]

Successful Studies With Tubing Supply on Demand

We appreciate the continued opportunity to work with many companies in the Boston area. One particular client has turned to us for eight years to supply all of their early-stage comparator medications. We know many members of the research team and are often mentioned as a problem-solving resource. In the early days of the coronavirus […]

Comparator Sourcing: Time is Money

Our 17 years of experience in preclinical comparator sourcing research and development have been filled with fulfilling work and industry growth. We recently discovered the extent of preclinical comparator medication purchases by some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, including four of our valued clients we enjoy working with. Last spring, one of […]