Comparator sourcing, Big vs Small


Comparator sourcing, Big vs. Small? To contextualize, let’s take a look at this situation with which you will indeed identify:

Ever been to one of those big box stores? You walk in and wander aimlessly around the department in search of an employee because you need help.

Maybe you want a unique European light bulb, or you are looking for a socket for an antique lamp.

One thing is for sure, you need another human being to give you a hand and walk you through your options to find the ideal solution.

 So how does this usually go? You spend time searching and waiting for someone only to discover they can’t help you. 

Then they pass you to another person that can’t help, and the process goes on and on until you leave, oftentimes frustrated and without the item, you actually came for.

 Then you go to a small lighting store. As soon as you walk in, they greet you and ask how they can help. 

Because the lighting store specializes in everything lighting, they can help you with your vintage lamp or European light bulb.

Whatever you want, they have the specialized knowledge and expertise to find the perfect lighting solution for you.


 This is the same as sourcing medications for preclinical research. You may not have many non-human primate studies to run in your career, so when you do have one, you want to do it right. That’s why it’s so important to work with a trusted comparator sourcing company that understands all of the regulations and distribution restrictions relevant to your required medications and study supplies. 

At GSI, we treasure every opportunity to walk our clients through the compliance and distribution process as they keep innovating and making groundbreaking medical discoveries. If you’d like to work together and experience the GSI difference for yourself, please get in touch today.

Why can´t I  buy comparators from a wholesaler?

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