Comparator Sourcing: Time is Money

Our 17 years of experience in preclinical comparator sourcing research and development have been filled with fulfilling work and industry growth. We recently discovered the extent of preclinical comparator medication purchases by some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, including four of our valued clients we enjoy working with.

Last spring, one of the top ten global pharmaceutical companies contacted us about a problem. They were developing a long-acting factor 8 treatment with a recombinant factor as their comparator. With promising study outcomes, they contracted one of the country’s main CROs to validate their work. The CRO offered a 6-month time window for their study.

The head of the research team was completely taken aback and asked why the timeline was so long. The CRO responded that, despite their direct relationship with the manufacturer of the required factor 8 medication, they wouldn’t have the drug ready for at least 60-90 days. They tried to make up for the delay by assuring them it would be direct and at the lowest price possible. That’s when the study manager asked the CRO if they would consider using their preclinical comparator sourcing partner to get the factor 8 instead.

The next day we got a call from the CRO, and just four days later, they had the factor 8 as requested. While they paid a premium price for the quick turnaround time, the amount of money they received for the validation study far outweighed the initial expense. The 6-month project timeline suggested by the CRO was cut down to 41 days, with the CRO completing the project quickly so the pharmaceutical company had their validation data in one-fifth the time.

Our work with the CRO in the past 12 months continues to validate our high level of service. We received a new rereferral in January for a large gene therapy company in Philadelphia. They were also working with a large company that was taking anywhere from 3-5 weeks to supply comparators, creating costly delays.

To make matters worse, a scientist would order an 1120 IU and three weeks later they would receive a 2300IU and be charged the difference. When we came in, the scientists could not believe they were receiving their medication within a week of ordering, if not less. One of them shared that although our prices were almost double in some cases, the speedy delivery was so worth it. This made us wonder, how many more companies out there are waiting three months or even longer to change the world?

We always believed our value proposition to our early-stage companies was leading them through development and growth. It wasn’t until recently that we realized our value proposition is all about speed of service. Our team is constantly at the forefront of preclinical comparator sourcing research and development and is looking forward to transforming the industry and exceeding expectations for years to come.

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