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Boston, MA

When it comes to sourcing pharmaceuticals and medical supplies in the Boston area for your preclinical trials and research studies, you need a trusted and reliable preclinical trial supply company you know you can depend on. Global Sourcing Initiative is a proven comparator sourcing and compliance consulting partner for scientists across the globe. Our industry-leading team is equipped to provide the most reliable preclinical comparator sourcing for your Boston research team. Not only will your clinical trials be well supported, our comparator sourcing services in Boston will help ensure the efficiency of your projects well into the future.

Comparator Drug Sourcing

Pharmaceutical Solutions

Helping your Boston laboratory with comparator sourcing and finding solutions to the challenges it  presents is our priority. We are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of patients worldwide through partnering with and supporting scientists and the medical community. Our focus at Global Sourcing Initiative is to revolutionize the distribution of lifesaving medications for a healthier future for all. We are continuously searching for opportunities for improvement and new methods of comparator sourcing to efficiently distribute the supplies you need to ensure the success of your Boston Laboratory’s preclinical trials. 

Sourcing Experts

Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in the preclinical comparator sourcing industry, and we are inspired by the medical breakthroughs of modern medicine. That’s why our Boston preclinical trial sourcing experts and pharmaceutical consultants share our knowledge and techniques to give you practical solutions for any sourcing or compliance issue you may run into. We have an extensive network of industry partners and leaders, including many pharmaceutical wholesalers available in the Boston area. When our clients need medical supplies for their preclinical trials, our team connects them with the best of our experienced partners in Boston. Each client is paired with only the most equipped partner for their specific comparator sourcing requirements.


Our Partners

We partner with suppliers both inside and outside of the U.S., allowing for multinational sourcing solutions all across Europe, Asia, and Australia. No matter the challenge, you can be confident our team will help find the solution. For all of your comparator sourcing needs, take the next step forward and contact Global Sourcing Initiative today.