Global Sourcing Initiative – Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Global Sourcing Initiative works with our network of preclinical study supply and comparator sourcing partners in Los Angeles to deliver the supplies and medicines you need to ensure the success of your preclinical trials. Finding and working with the right suppliers for your projects can be a challenge due to logistical issues, and our goal is to streamline the process and deal with these issues for our clients. Our team at Global Sourcing Initiative focuses on maintaining excellence in our network, ensuring a reliable supply of the crucial medicines and supplies our clients need to conduct successful preclinical studies. Our Los Angeles comparator sourcing is unrivaled, and our priority is ensuring your team has everything needed to support your project's ultimate success.

Comparator Sourcing

Pharmaceutical Solutions

We depend on our network of industry leaders to provide the security and dependability necessary for comparator sourcing in Los Angeles. For medical supplies that are more difficult to source, we rely on our worldwide organization of comparator sourcing partners. We have providers in Asia, Europe, and even Australia that are capable of locating and delivering medications that are difficult to locate elsewhere. This experience and expertise ensures you have everything you need for a successful research study. When your team submits a request, we connect you with an appropriate provider from our organization of extensively verified suppliers.

Sourcing Experts

Our comparator sourcing partnerships empower us to improve the lives of the patients who benefit from the diligent work of scientists who make medical breakthroughs with their work. Our four pillars are the patient, our partners, compliance, and our community. Our team is focused on adding value by revolutionizing how “distribution challenged” medications make it to the bedside. With well over 20 years of involvement in preclinical study sourcing in Los Angeles, our group remains abreast of supply chain challenges and works to forestall issues. By ensuring our clients have all of the medicines and supplies they need for a successful study, we assist in their progress. Contact us today to learn more about our comparator sourcing services in Los Angeles.



Our Partners

We partner with suppliers both inside and outside of the U.S., allowing for multinational sourcing solutions all across Europe, Asia, and Australia. No matter the challenge, you can be confident our team will help find the solution. For all of your comparator sourcing needs, take the next step forward and contact Global Sourcing Initiative today.