Don’t let drug pirates be the roadblock to your success.

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Episode 1: We at GSI treasure the small role we play in helping you help your patients.

Batten Down the Hatches!

Blimey! Pirates are everywhere, and they have no shame in preying on innocent buyers. They don't care about the patients or the ethical and transparent relationships between a procurement team and their suppliers.

Don't let pirates run a rig on you!

The Team at GSI won't let the occupants of the Jolly Roger terrorize your patients!
At GSI, we help our customers source the medications they need for their patients.
Our mission is to eliminate drug pirates and provide the medication your team needs at reasonable prices.

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Episode 2: Don’t take your patients for granted. Let's work together to get rid of these pirates!

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Episode 3: We want to ensure calm seas & a haggle-free experience. Let's get rid of these Pirates!

Dead men tell no tales!

If the prices are too high, that’s a red flag! Don’t let pirates plunder your integrity! Scallywags have no place in our business in which patients’ health are the number one priority.

Join us in our mission to leave no pirate survivors!

Pirate Terms:

Plunder: To take whatever you want. “My little brother tries to plunder my toys all the time.”

Lily-livered: Weak or cowardly. As in, “The lion once was lily-livered but now has found his cuh-raygh.”

Jolly Roger: The infamous skull and crossbones flag, which was flown to warn “here there be pirates.”

Dead men tell no tales: The reason given for leaving no survivors

Run a rig: Play a trick

Blimey!: Something said when one is in a state of surprise

Batten down the hatches: A signal to prepare the ship for an upcoming storm

Old salt: A sailor that has a great deal of experience on the seas

Scallywag: A scamp or a rascal. Not necessarily an evil do-er, but someone out for their own personal gain. “That scallywag traded me empty coconuts for safe passage to shore.”