Skip the consultants and learn compliance from our team

Drug supply and discovery is a complicated business. The FDA process has claimed more than a few idealistic companies that try and change the world. Although there are so many steps along the way and hurdles to overcome, our preclinical study supply and comparator sourcing experts at GSI can help with drug supply chain solutions and medical compliance.

Both small and large companies often turn to CROs as a one-stop shop for all things research and development. CROs work well for validation and NHP studies, but a great deal of money can be saved in acquiring your own comparators and regulatory guidance.

At GSI, we have 25+ years of preclinical study supply and pharmaceutical distribution experience that your team has access to when you engage with us. Our extensive experience in drug supply and medical compliance offers you the know-how you need to save tens of thousands of dollars you would otherwise spend on compliance consultants. We will point you to the laws that apply to your specific needs, focusing on speed and acquiring medications others can’t.

We want to give our clients the support they need to do what they do best. Let’s innovate and change the world for the better together – contact us today to discuss your preclinical study supply and comparator sourcing needs.

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