Sourcing Comparators From Europe

How often does a company need medication shipped to the US from Europe? It’s actually more common than one may think. Every day, medication and medical study materials are flown across the world, depending on project requirements and product distribution.

Let’s take Nulojix as an example. In the US, you can’t buy it because the manufacturer has a very limited distribution chain for it. It’s a different story in Europe where we can find it with ease.

So why can’t companies just open an account with a vendor and buy it themselves from another country? The short answer is compliance.

There is a complex web of paperwork required to import medication into the US for non-human use. Add to that the considerable rates for international shipping and most companies are overwhelmed at the mere thought of starting this process.

These medical sourcing difficulties hinder innovation, which is one of the most important clinical categories we have. Luckily, GSI can source medications from Europe and around the world on behalf of clients and their medical studies. We handle the documentation and delivery to ensure a smooth transaction on both ends, plus we protect the supplies to maintain integrity and safety standards.

While we quickly source your comparator medicine and study supplies, your teams can focus on the targeted therapeutic areas. This means patients can be given more treatment options for better outcomes.

We have a few clients that have been able to conduct preclinical work only as a result of the medications we sourced for them in other countries. Get in touch with us if you’re struggling to source comparator medicine and need more reliable supplies soon.

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