Speed Over Everything 

Speed Over Everything 

In the heavily regulated environment of medical sourcing, we know that speed over everything is critical.

However, many of our competitors use compliance as an excuse to go slow, leading to months of frustrating delays and setbacks for crucial medical research.

Of course, there are always questions about distribution laws, customs anomalies, and shipping decisions that often impact a project.

We know that the search for comparators should be more efficient. That’s why at GSI, we focus on speed over everything.

Our clients have noticed that we complete proposals while their other supplier replies to an initial email.

They now joke internally and tell each other not to worry because our team will respond within a few minutes.

We are proud to provide such excellent comparator sourcing support and solutions, particularly for the pre-clinical development process that can be long and frustrating until a potential novel therapy is finally identified.

Once a possible new treatment is in the pipeline, the organization needs to run at light speed from validation to toxicology.


GSI is proud to play a unique role in providing key medications used in the clinical development process. Some of our steps to delivering more efficient operations include: 

  • Complying with all the required protocols
  • Many years experience sourcing comparators in the market
  • An excellent reputation amongst our clients 
  • With many satisfied customers

By shaving weeks off each round of pre-clinical studies, we can help our clients get their IND filings faster.

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