Successful Studies With Tubing Supply on Demand

We appreciate the continued opportunity to work with many companies in the Boston area. One particular client has turned to us for eight years to supply all of their early-stage comparator medications. We know many members of the research team and are often mentioned as a problem-solving resource. In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, they reached out to see if we could provide gowns and gloves. We happily obliged even though it wasn’t our wheelhouse.

Fast forward to January 2021, when one of the scientists we have worked with for years encountered a frustrating supply issue. She needed Baxter tubing for a study and their primary supplier had them on backorder. She went through the trouble of calling and emailing more than six other companies in search of the specific tubing. Over three months, she added two companies to the vendor file, which isn’t an easy task at a company of that size. Each time, the new supplier accepted the order and then delivered the bad news that Baxter tubing was on backorder for six months. After spending 40 hours actively trying to buy the tubing, she finally threw in the towel.

One morning, in a conversation with the lab director, she mentioned the tubing trouble had her at wit’s end. He asked if she called Raul, and she responded that she didn’t think we did tubing. Luckily, she soon learned that wasn’t the case, as we love a challenge and sourcing our client’s required materials on tight timelines.

That same day she emailed us, and we got to work, taking just two hours to locate the two tubing models. We secured enough to carry the study through completion, and the tubing was delivered within a week so she was beyond thrilled. In hindsight, she could have just called us instead of wasting so much time trying to find it, but it’s a valuable lesson learned.

Since then, we have worked with the team to locate Pipettes, cryo bags, and so many items we would not consider our “normal” offerings. The moral of the story is, if you can’t get something, we are happy to help. We think you will be pleasantly supplied with our premium service and rapid sourcing solutions. After all, we never want you to delay a study because of tubing or other supplies. We will find them and get them to you as quickly as possible.

Get in touch with us today to request the necessary medications and materials for your study.

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